To pick a winner from the apps above, it would be a tie between Twin Spires and TVG. These two cannot be beaten with market coverage and both offer the full range as outlined previously. Market coverage is next on Game of chance Owing Dice the list and this is one of those areas that adds depth to an app. All the brands mentioned on this page include at least win, place and show bets. All the five betting apps that we tested are strong and consistent when it comes to odds. There wasn’t that much between any of them for the most part, but there are areas where some do excel over others.

It is our commitment to deliver solutions that provide your clients the ultimate horse betting experience. Therefore, we have forged strategic partnership with some of the top horse racing software and technology operators. This is why our platform gives our clients and their players a smooth and user friendly horse track betting experience. In addition, the PricePerPlayer’s Horse Racing software solution gives bookies an affordable and comprehensive platform. In addition, our horse betting platform is ideals because of its flexibility.

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The smallest ratio or the largest amount of money on a number represents the favorite. Wheel Wager – this wager is also known as a key box or a key wager. It allows you to select one key horse and place numerous wagers on it beating all the other runners in the field or in the box. Trifecta – a wager on the horse that will win, the horse that will finish second and the horse that will finish third. Trifectas are difficult to pull off, but you will be rewarded with large payouts if successful. Quinella – pick two horses and they must finish first and second in any order.

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Keep bang up to date with all the latest horse racing news, betting odds, tips, offers and promotions right here on and also over on our sports news page. This is essential to anyone who wishes to try and make money betting on horses racing. There have been thousands of excellent judges of horse racing form who fail at gambling simply because they “bet what they fancy and a winner is a winner”.

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The Belmont Stakes is considered to be the toughest of the three races that comprise the Triple Crown. At TVG, for example, new players can take advantage of a $200 risk-free bet offer. Using this offer, new bettors place their first wager at TVG and are eligible for up to a $200 rebate in the event of a loss.

This was because the selected horses did not have to win the race but come first second or third and it was in the money. So for every $1.00 invested your profit after losses is $0.54 . It has already been extensively used in America, Hong Kong, Canada, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, UK and most of Europe for well over 29 years by thousands of people. You do not need any prior horse betting or statistics knowledge as the entire plan has been written in plain English and takes only minutes to use on any race day.

If you make a bet at odds of 5.00 and you win, the betting site will pay you at odds of 5.00. Tanala – Similar to a trifecta, in a tanala bet you have to select the horses that will come 1st, 2nd and 3rd in a race. If you pick the horse that finishes 1st but the 2nd and 3rd are in the wrong order, you still win but get a smaller pay out. The original King’s Plates were standardized races—all were for six-year-old horses carrying 168 pounds at 4-mile heats, a horse having to win two heats to be adjudged the winner.

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Among the horses that remain, identify those who ran 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in their last race. Do not worry about making a mark beside the horses who do not qualify. For the next step you will focus only on the horses with a check mark beside or a circle around their name. You will notice than in a field of ten horses you have likely eliminated half of them from contention. Just doing this will speed the process of your handicapping.